Empire State Bastard announce debut album ‘Rivers Of Heresy’

June 2, 2023

Have you heard about Empire State Bastard yet? They’ve announced details of their debut album, ‘Rivers Of Heresy’.

The band is the braindchild of Biffy Clyro singer Simon Neil and touring guitarist and former Oceansize guitarist Mike Vennart. They released their debut single, ‘Harvest’, back in March ’23.

They’ve decided to release their debut album (described as “pure sonic annihilation”), ‘Rivers Of Heresy’, on September 1. 

Vennart said, “I set about making the most fucking poisonous vile music I possibly could, just unabridged hatred in musical form.

Neil added, “Lyrically, it’s as misanthropic and nihilistic as I’ve ever written.”

E.S.B’s album features Slayer, Testament and Dead Cross drummer Dave Lombardo!

You can pre-order of ‘Rivers Of Heresy’ here!

‘Rivers Of Heresy’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Harvest’
  2. ‘Blusher’
  3. ‘Moi?’
  4. ‘Tired, Aye?’
  5. ‘Sons and Daughters’
  6. ‘Stutter’
  7. ‘Palms of Hands’
  8. ‘Dusty’
  9. ‘Sold!’
  10. ‘The Looming’

Neil recently did an interview with NME and said that he and Vennart are “going for extremity at all costs” with this project, “even if it’s not brutality – it’s got to be extremely weird. Because we play together in Biffy, there’s no point in us doing another project that doesn’t feel miles apart. That’s a pet hate of mine, when people leave their full-time band to do another thing and it’s just a slightly different version of what they’re doing anyway. What’s the fucking point?”

Another ‘supergroup’! Which is your favourite over the years?


Written by Todd Hancock