Duran Duran Reissuing First Five Albums on Vinyl & CD

May 16, 2024

Can you say guilty pleasure? Hairspray. Eyeliner. Friday Night Videos. It’s 1981 and Duran Duran is BIG. Big enough to creep into anyone’s playlist, at the time. They had attitude in a world of Bananarama, Michael Jackson, Yes, Hall & Oates and all the other videos you saw at that time. Some of Duran Duran’s videos are etched into my mind. Forever.

Take a sec n’ watch ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’.


Killer video.

At the time, I think I’m about 10 years old. And a real mind-blowing watch, Friday night at my buddy Norm’s place. Watch ‘Girls On Film’ below, too. These guys were killing it in the ’80s. Paving the way.

Okay, so to the actual news on Duran Duran (singer Simon LeBon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, bassist John Taylor, guitarist Andy Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor) – they’re putting out re-mastered versions of their first five albums; self-titled debut, RioSeven and the Ragged Tiger, Notorious and Big Thing.

Coming July 5, pre-order here.

From the press release: “Both 1LP and 1CD formats will feature the latest album remasters, with vinyl editions cut at Abbey Road Studios. The album artworks have been closely restored to the original sleeve designs, overseen by Malcolm Garrett, the visionary designer behind the band’s first three albums.”

Meanwhile, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Duran Duran is currently touring the world. Closest to us, here in Vancouver Canada – Montreal Jazz Festival on July 20.

Un road, trip, ├ža vous dit?


Written by Todd Hancock