Deftones Hope To Release New Album In ’24: ‘That’s Our Goal’

September 25, 2023

Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter was recently a guest of the “Gnostic Academy” podcast and confirmed that the band is working on new music with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Mastodon, Alice In Chains)! This marks the third time the band has worked with Raskulinecz (he also did 2010’s “Diamond Eyes” and 2012’s “Koi No Yokan”).

Talking about the progress of the songwriting sessions, Raskulinecz said, “Just in the last couple of months, really — two or three months; well, maybe a little longer now, really; February is when we started — we’re starting to work on new material for a new record. It’s going good now. It was a little slow at first, but it always is; dragging our feet ain’t nothing new. But we’ve got stuff up and going now, and we’re on a good little momentum at the moment. And we hope to have it all done and out by next spring [or] summer. There’s nothing official — no official date yet — but that’s our goal.”

Stephen added that finding great musical ideas is the hardest part, “I feel like making the record is easy once you’ve got the songs, ’cause then we’re just talking about arrangement,” he explained. “And then if you want to finetune on things, and I’m sure a lot of people do… Once we have the songs done, it’s literally just arranging the songs at that point. We don’t actually do too much adjusting at that point.”

You may remember that last year, Deftones recruited Fred Sablan as their new touring bassist following the departure of Sergio Vega. They were also joined by a second guitarist, Lance Jackman.

Sablan is best known as the former bassist for Marilyn Manson, touring with him between ’10 and ’14. He also played bass with Chelsea Wolfe and Peter Hook And The Light and is a member of the punk-rock supergroup Heavens Blade (featuring Youth Code singer Sara Taylor, Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D. (on guitar) and Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez.

Jackman is known for his time in Sacramento, California bands EightFourSeven, Horseneck and WIll Haven.

Cannot wait to hear a new Deftones album! Love this band. Which band(s) are you patiently waiting to release new music?