Def Leppard’s ‘Definitely: The Official Story Of Def Leppard’ Hardback Book Details

March 14, 2023

The first-ever anthology of Def Leppard, “Definitely: The Official Story Of Def Leppard“, is being released as a hardback edition on May 9! You can order the book at

The book is described as part memoir, part scrapbook, ranging the band’s incredible career, from 1978 to present day, with hundreds of photographs, promo shoots, the tours, the live performances!

As you might expect, every band member’s voice is present within the book; Joe Elliott (lead vocals), Rick Savage (bass and vocals), Rick Allen (drums), Phil Collen (guitar and vocals), Vivian Campbell (guitar and vocals), Tony Kenning (drums), Pete Willis (guitar) and Steve Clark (guitar).

“Definitely” has introductions by Queen guitarist Brian May and renowned journalist and senior editor of Rolling Stone, David Fricke and features over 1,300 items of memorabilia and photography, like handwritten correspondence, rare vinyl pressings, tour memorabilia, set lists, lyrics, stage clothing, music video storyboards, draft album artwork and press cuttings.

In May 2022, Def Leppard released their twelfth studio album “Diamond Star Halos” and debuted #1 on the Apple and Amazon Music charts. Their ’22 tour with Mötley Crüe sold over 1.3 million tickets and grossed $173,500,000.00!

Is there no stopping this English juggernaut?


Written by Todd Hancock