Dana Strum: There’s ‘Crazy Interest’ In Upcoming Slaughter Documentary

February 11, 2024

Slaughter bassist Dana Strum was recently interviewed by White Line Fever TV and talked about the band’s upcoming documentary, “We are in the process of working with two major companies that you guys would know well that I don’t wanna say because they both shouldn’t know that. But they both have crazy interest in it. And one of them wants it tailored a little bit to them, and we’ve said we want it to be honest and real, and that may call the cards, because the real story is really true.”

Strum added, “For people that are listening that their parents either encourage them to play music or to do a podcast or to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be, [Slaughter singer] Mark Slaughter’s father was really the one that I spoke to, and he has a great role in this thing, because in the end, if Mark’s dad didn’t love his kid and encourage his kid, I would have never met Mark. I actually spoke to the dad, just playing around and joking around, before his dad ever admitted to me, ‘I want you to come see my son. You may be a guy that could just bring my son and squeeze him through this.’ So it was really a story of this guy loving his son, and he appears in and out of the thing, because he got to see his kid go from a very small one-bedroom-type rehearsal environment to playing Madison Square Garden on the KISS tour. And not many parents quite get to see quite that.”

Strum continued, “There’s not a finished cut, but the story and the interweavings of the story have been worked on for a good while. It’s like a good movie — if you don’t have a great story… Or a good song. If you don’t have a good song, you can be a greatest band in the world, but people may not be able to hear you. So, it’s that kind of thing. But the story, I think, is a really, really good story.”

You’ll remember that Slaughter formed in ’88 from Slaughter and Strum’s previous band, Vinnie Vincent Invasion. The band’s double-platinum debut, “Stick It To Ya”, had several hits including “Fly To The Angels”, “Up All Night”, “Mad About You” and “Spend My Life”. They released four more studio albums over the decade, but haven’t released new music since ’99’s “Back To Reality”.

Which 80s/90s band would you like to see make a band documentary? Personally, looking forward to seeing Slaughter’s! That debut album was top tier.


Written by Todd Hancock