Chevelle Has 10 Songs Recorded For New Album

March 30, 2024

Chevelle singer Pete Loeffler was recenty a guest of Joel Madden’s podcast “Artist Friendly”, and talked about the band’s plans to follow-up 2021’s “Niratias” LP. “We’ve tracked 10 full-length songs at this point for the new album. We signed a new contract to put out one more (LP). So we’re in the process of finishing that up. So there’s definitely one more (album) coming.”

As for when you can expect a new Chevelle album? “It’s hard to say when it’ll (be released). It’s kind of stewing right now. We did eight songs, set ’em aside, took a break, did two more recently. I was actually just wrapping it up yesterday — the second song — and burned a mix so I could listen to it on the plane on the way here. I’ve gotta go revisit those other eight now and say, ‘Are they done?’ We mixed one and it sounded great. (I’m) super happy about it. That whole process started again. I went back and I listened to it. I was, like, ‘Can I rewrite this song?’ as a just kind of something to try and wrote an entirely different model of that song again. And this is what Pro Tools will get you into. You’re, like, ‘Oh, I can, I can quickly do something that in the past I’d have to sit down and map out with my brother in real time.’ So it’s good and bad. The only bad side is that I’m spending the time to learn that system instead of writing.”

Chevelle has dominated over their career – almost half a billion streams, seven #1 songs and worldwide sold out tours. “La Gárgola” (2014) and “The North Corridor” (2016) both went to #1 on the Top Rock Albums chart.

Will they have the same success with their new album? I think so.

Can’t wait to hear new Chevelle! Something about sibling bands. AC/DC, Heart, Nickelback, Halestorm. Which is your favourite?


Written by Todd Hancock