Bring Me The Horizon: ‘It’s Time for a New Era’

April 11, 2024

Could it be true? Is Bring Me The Horizon finally getting ready to release their new album, ‘POST HUMAN: NeX GEn’?

The band (currently touring in Australia) posted something online yesterday (Weds, April 10). It’s kinda cryptic, though.

“It’s time for a new era. Initialising NeX GEn. You cling to your virtual identity as if it were your very soul. Pathetic. I’m here to wipe away the detritus of your existence. All these thoughts, these memories, they are but a fleeting echo in an endless void. And just like that, you cease to exist in a digital realm. A mere blip erased from the annals of cyberspace. Farewell insignificant content.”

And, at the end of the clip, there’s this: “THE CHURCH OF GENXSIS welcomes you to a night at YOUTOPIA via NeX GEn. There is a home beyond our bones. P.H. II ??/??/2024.”

Frontman Oli Sykes first talked about a new album at last June’s Download Festival.

BMTH’s new album is the follow-up to 2020’s Post Human: Survival Horror. That album went to #1 on the albums chart in the U.K.

Do you think Bring Me The Horizon will reach #1 on the U.K. charts with their new album? It’s likely, right?