Blur ‘Live at Wembley Stadium’ album to accompany new doc and concert film

June 6, 2024

ICYMI Blur recently announced their new ‘Live at Wembley Stadium’ album, which will accompany their new documentary and concert film!


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They shared the news on Instagram, with a trailer of their massive Wembley shows they did last summer. 150,000 fans showed up over the two nights. And now, a live concert album is coming out July 26 – you can pre-order here.

Okay, so the concert film. It’s of the Wembley shows; Blur: Live at Wembley Stadium. You should be able to see them in theatres as of this September.

It’s actually Blur’s 2nd upcoming film, alongside their previously-announced reunion documentary, To The End. That hit theatres on July 19.

You may remember that singer Damon Albarn announced this past December that it was time to ‘wrap up’ Blur again, saying, “It’s too much for me. It was the right thing to do and an immense honour to play these songs again, spend time with these guys, make an album, blah-blah-blah. I’m not saying I won’t do it again, it was a beautiful success, but I’m not dwelling on the past.”

No doubt this Blur live-album will be stellar. Good band! What’s the best live rock album?


Written by Todd Hancock