Avenged Sevenfold Is Collaborating With AmazeVR On Virtual Experience

December 10, 2023

How cool is this?! Avenged Sevenfold has teamed up with AmazeVR, the company that did last year’s first VR concert tour with artist Megan Thee Stallion! They say the virtual reality experience “when it launches early next year, will resemble a cross between a music video, live concert and first-person video game.”

If you’re lucky enough to attend AmazeVR’s Avenged Sevenfold show, you’ll wear ski goggle-like VR headsets and be able to revisit the band’s performance, which was filmed in September in a Culver City, California warehouse.

A7x singer M. Shadows told the Los Angeles Times that he sees VR music experiences as what Times writer Brian Contreras described as “one more way to reach fans, including those who might not otherwise attend a live concert, while also letting the band experiment with stagecraft and art direction that they couldn’t pull off in real life.”

M. Shadows went on to say, “When you go play a show, there’s something about that that can never be replaced. So it’s about fully stepping into what the tech does well, and then fully stepping into what the live show does well.”

AmazeVR was founded in ’15, and has raised more than $50 million in the last four years!

Pretty cool idea. Which other bands would you like to see do the same sorta thing?


Written by Todd Hancock