As We Inch Closer To Seeing Bush singer Gavin Rossdale’s Cooking Show

February 13, 2023

E.A.T. With Gavin Rossdale” is getting closer to being released! Bush singer Gavin Rossdale was recently a guest of “The Allison Hagendorf Show” and talked about how his new cooking show will have luminaries, celebrities and members of the public over to his house in the Hollywood Hills, where he’ll give guests a dish he prepared himself.

You first heard about “E.A.T. With Gavin Rossdale” last year. A cool concept; rock star cooks a dish for a well-known, interesting guest, they talk about their careers, and maybe even jam a song, depending on the guest. Sammy Hagar does something similar with his ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip‘ show. Rossdale has already shot episodes with Tom Jones and “30 Rock” and “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” star Jack McBrayer.

Rossdale said, “I’m at the last stage of it. It’s really hard to get stuff made; it’s really, really hard. And it’s been four years. It will come out, and people will like it. And people will be, like, ‘Oh, look at it. It’s so great.’ They won’t know that it’s been five years of trying to make it, five years of the wrong producers, five years of the wrong showrunners, deals that fell through. Everyone loves it — except commissioning editors. Like if I showed it to you, you’d be, like, ‘Oh my God. I’m watching that.’ Everyone says, ‘I wanna watch that.’ We shot two episodes. So we have a home for it, and now it’s the last piece of the financing. This is the last stage. The hardest thing is to get it going. Once it gets going, then it’ll be much, much easier because people will have faith in it and believe it. So, yeah, I’m close to doing it.”

Rossdale talked about how he came up with the idea for the show, “Basically, it’s really based on… I love to cook, as you know, and I was looking to ways to stay home more and not have to tour. Like I’ve gotta go tour to pay for the food we like… Which is okay — I accept that — but having so many kids, it’s nice to be around. And I was thinking, ‘Is there something I can do that’s here and just work in town?’ So that’s how it began. I originally did it as a ‘dinner for six,’ ’cause I thought of Jon Favreau; he did [the] ‘Dinner For Five’ [TV series]. So I went for lunch with him — I took him for lunch — and I was asking him about it. And I was thinking, ‘Ooh. Making five other people all relaxed at once and cooking.’ I was, like, ‘Nah, nah, nah. One on one. One on one is the move.’ And then suddenly you have this amazing connection… So that’s what it is. It’s really basic. I think the simplest things are often the best ideas.”

Rossdale released a statement in February ’22, announcing the show, “Roundtable are the exact partners I’ve been looking for to produce this project. They understand my vision and will help execute a compelling series in which we get to see behind the public persona of people we know and admire for their work. This show is about connecting more deeply with them, hearing their stories, walking in their shoes. It’s hard to be surprised anymore, but the simplest surprises are the human revelations that occur over food and drink.”

Who do you think Gavin should have on as a guest?


Written by Todd Hancock