Another Bruce Dickinson Solo Album To Coincide With End Of ‘The Mandrake Project’?

April 3, 2024

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson was recently interviewed by Qobuz and talked about possibly releasing another studio album at the end of the three-year, 12-episode comic book series (which is accompanying his latest LP, “The Mandrake Project”). “Oh, you know what? That is something I don’t know. Obviously, it’s a possibility, but I’m not going to force myself to go, ‘Oh, I have to do this because it’s at the end of three years.’ If something happens naturally, then great. I’m not gonna sit on my butt and do nothing. But what I’ve learned from this process is when you do stuff, just do stuff that is really great quality. Rather than do ten things that are all average, do one thing, which is really good.”

If you’ve kept up, Dickinson has been developing the story of “The Mandrake Project” for the last decade – it’s about the century-long battle for the human control of immortality.

“The Mandrake Project” comic book project is written by Tony Lee, drawn by Staz Johnson and published by Z2 Comics. There’s 12 episodes, collected into three graphic novels, and is described as “a dark, adult story of power, abuse and a struggle for identity, set against the backdrop of scientific and occult genius.”

As if Bruce Dickinson isn’t one of thee coolest people in music.

Last November, Dickinson talked to Brazil’s Omelete about the concept for “The Mandrake Project”: “So ‘The Mandrake Project’ is, one, is an album. It’s the name of the album. The comic is a 12-episode graphic novel, kind of adult. There’s lots of stuff in it — there’s lots of sex and drugs and violence and all kinds of stuff. But it’s basically a story about a guy who is looking for his identity, Dr. Necropolis. He’s an orphan, he’s a genius, and he hates it, and he hates life, but he’s involved in The Mandrake Project. And The Mandrake Project aims to take the human soul at the point of death, capture it, store it and put it back in something else. And the guy that’s running the project, Professor Lazarus, he has one vision of what’s gonna happen with this technology, and Necropolis has other ideas. And on we go with the story.”

“The Mandrake Project” LP was released in March ’24.


Written by Todd Hancock