Alice In Chains’ 30th-Anniversary Vinyl Edition Of ‘Jar Of Flies’ EP

January 27, 2024

Now here’s something you can really get behind! There’s a multi-format 30th-anniversary reissue of Alice In Chains‘ “Jar Of Flies” coming soon! The EP was the first of its format to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 in its first week of sales!


In addition to a standard black 12″ vinyl release, you’ll be able to pick up D2C variants of “Jar Of Flies” on the band’s official website as of March 22; including tri-colored vinyl, cassette, a clear variant with “flies” embedded in the vinyl, and a deluxe box set featuring the EP on tri-colored vinyl, a logo-embossed jar with touch-activated red LED and faux flies, a 60-page hardcover book, and a double-sided poster, all housed in a screen-printed, UV coated shadowbox. 

Wow. That’s a mouthful.

Drummer Sean Kinney talked to Guitar World about the sessions that became ‘Jar Of Flies’, “After playing loud music for a year, we’d come home and the last thing we wanted to do was crank up the amps right away. We just went into the studio with no songs written, to check out the chemistry. It all fell into place…We thought it would be a waste not to put that material out.”

The independently produced EP was considered a sequel to the band’s “Sap” EP (1992), and included two of their biggest songs: “I Stay Away” and “No Excuses”. It got Alice two Grammy Award nominations for “Best Hard Rock Performance” (“I Stay Away”) and “Best Recording Package”.

After singer Layne Staley passed, the band enlisted William DuVall. He sings on the last three Alice In Chains albums: 2009’s “Black Gives Way To Blue”, 2013’s “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” and “Rainier Fog”.

Crazy how time flies, hey? Can you believe ‘Jar Of Flies’ is 30 YEARS OLD?!


Written by Todd Hancock