2025 Should Bring A New Clutch Album

April 15, 2024

Don’t you just love it when your favourite bands make new music? Clutch singer Neil Fallon was recently a guest of TotalRock’s “Hobo On The Radio” show and confirmed that they’re working on new music! “We are writing new material. I am definitely the slowest out of the bunch as far as writing lyrics, ’cause I try the same lyrics on different songs and try to find out where they can live.”

Fallon added, “We probably — we won’t be recording until next year. And I’m gonna say hopefully the album will come out in the third quarter or fourth quarter of 2025. Which sounds like it’s far away, and I guess it is, to a degree, but that’s gonna come around pretty quick for us. We’re gonna do it with (Grammy-nominated producer) Tom Dalgety (GHOST, ROYAL BLOOD, PIXIES) again. He was awesome. But that never stops us from playing these (new songs) live, which they’ll inevitably will be everyone’s favorite version and they’ll hate the record’s version, but that’s just the way it goes.”

Clutch’s “New World Samurai Tour 2024” tour starts April 26 with Blacktop Mojo and The Native Howl opening up the shows. It goes ’til May 18.

The band’s 13th studio album, “Sunrise On Slaughter Beach”, came out in September ’22.

Can’t wait for new Clutch! ICYM Neil’s visit to The Toddcast Podcast (April ’21), check it out! Such a solid dude. Ah, the COVID years. Zoomity-Zoom Zoom.

IMO Clutch is a super underrated band. Name a more underrated rock band. I’ll wait.


Written by Todd Hancock