Sharon Osbourne Is Working On ‘Irreverent And Funny’ Ozzy And Lemmy Cartoon

June 30, 2024

Sharon Osbourne was recently interviewed by The Entertainer! magazine and revealed that she’s working on a cartoon of Ozzy Osbourne and the late Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister!

Osbourne said, “They are superheroes. It’s very, very funny. It’s irreverent and funny. Hopefully somebody will buy that and that’ll go out. We’re excited about it.”

You may remember that earlier this year, Ozzy provided the afterword to “No Remorse: The Illustrated True Stories Of Lemmy Kilmister And Motörhead”, a graphic novel chronicling the life and times of Lemmy and Motörhead.

Presented in an oral history format, “No Remorse: The Illustrated True Stories Of Lemmy Kilmister And Motörhead” has contributions from Lemmy’s bandmates, Ozzy, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighers; who wrote the foreword), Slash (Gn’R), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Lita Ford, Chrissie Hynde, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction), and others.

Lemmy celebrated his 70th birthday on December 24, 2015 and found out two days later that he had an aggressive form of cancer. He died two days later, on December 28, 2015, at his home in Los Angeles.

Ozzy Osbourne talked to Classic Rock magazine about his connection with Lemmy, “(Lemmy) was born not far from Liverpool, I believe. And he loved The Beatles. I loved The Beatles. He was really interested in World War II. I was really interested in World War II. And I would buy German daggers. I even got him (Adolf) Hitler’s autograph at one point, I think. But it wasn’t that we were Nazi (sympathizers). It was just the fact that we were both born around that time in England, and we grew up in the environment of post-War… just as the war had finished. Lemmy was born at the end of ’45, you know. And he was very knowledgeable about a lot of things. He was so well read. You would look at Lemmy and you would think he was a yob who didn’t know shit about anything, and that couldn’t be any further away from the truth, if you tried. ‘Cause Lemmy was… He would read books quicker than you could read a newspaper. He knew so much about so many things in the history.”

Motörhead was forced to cancel shows in 2015 due to Lemmy’s failing health – and a final European tour just two weeks before he passed.

Interesting idea, Sharon. If you could make a cartoon based on two rock legends, who you picking?


Written by Todd Hancock