Mike Muir On A New Suicidal Tendencies LP: ‘We’re Definitely Leaning Towards Doing It’

July 4, 2024

Suicidal Tendencies singer Mike Muir took part in a press conference at this year’s Hellfest in Clisson, France, and you’ll be happy to learn that they’re thinking of making a new album, “When we did the last record (of all-new material), it was ‘World Gone Mad’ in 2016, I kind of said, it sounds bad, but I don’t enjoy making records, because it’s like full-on mental fuck to me and, then it’s the time and the family and everything. It’s difficult. But now having (guitarist) Ben (Weinman) in the band, (drummer) Jay (Weinberg) in the band…. One of the first things Jay did after we did a couple shows, he’s just, like, going, ‘Dude, I wanna fucking make a record.’ And the way he and Ben, they said it, they go, like… Ben was, like, ‘When I was 12 years old and I heard Suicidal, it spoke to me. And other music, I heard a lot of music.’ He goes, ‘I wanna do a record like that.’ And that’s exactly what Jay said. Obviously, having (bassist) Tye (Trujillo), Robert’s (Trujillo) a son in there, Robert’s, like, ‘Dude, you guys need to make a record. do that thing.’ And so I think that we’re definitely leaning towards doing it.”

Muir added, “We realized that a lot of people, with music, you look around and you see what’s popular, what’s trendy, and we go back to what was popular and trendy when we did our first record, and we didn’t do any of that and all the reviews were terrible. And so we’ll do a record that people probably will not like, and I will be very happy and stuff. But I think that years from now that people will sit there, and there’ll be a lot of people that are not so much into trends or genres that’ll go, like, ‘That’s a fucking really bad-ass record.’ And so that’s what I want to do. As I say, I like to like people, but I don’t care if people like me. (Laughs) It makes my life easier.”

Suicidal Tendencies’ latest album, “Still Cyco Punk After All These Years”, was released in 2018. So we’re due for new music. 

Last year, the band celebrated the 40th anniversary of their debut album by playing a bunch of shows in New York City, Silver Spring, Maryland, Worcester, Massachusetts and Berkeley, California. They also toured Australia, where they are well received.

The 2024 lineup of Suicidal is a powerhouse: Muir with guitarists Ben Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Dean Pleasants, bassist Tye Trujillo (son of Robert Trujillo), as well as the band’s latest addition, former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg!

I remember listening to Suicidal Tendencies back in high school thinking, ‘how fucking cool are these guys?!’ – and here we are, almost 35 years later and they’re still banging away. How cool! I sure hope they make a new album with these new players. Huge!


Written by Todd Hancock