Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory: ‘There’s Definitely A New Record Coming’

June 22, 2024

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently spoke to Belgium’s Graspop Metal Meeting and you’ll be happy to know that he said they’re working on the follow-up to their 2022 album “AfterLife”! “We are working. So there’s definitely a new record coming, hopefully next year. We’ll see when, but we’ve been working on some stuff. There’s always things in the vault — we’re always doing something. And when it’s not time yet, then we just put it in the vault.

Bathory added, “I do believe that we have to record an album every two years, maybe three at the most. Because we are in a fast lane. Every band is in a fast lane. Time changes, [and it’s] very different for us. And so I feel like every two years is about the time when we are kind of different people. A lot happens to a band in two years. And so every record is a snapshot. And I feel like you have to — if you wanna follow a band, it’s like it’s about the right time. Every two, three years, you put out a record and people can follow where you are. If it’s a longer period, I’m not sure that they can, because in three, four, five years, a lot changes.”

“For us, another thing is that everything that we write about is either socially, politically or personally relevant. We’re not writing about historical events. So that means that whatever we’re working on has to be relevant right now. And the world, obviously, like we all know, changes in six months. It’s a different world, right? So that’s another reason that we work that way, that we kind of take snapshots of the world and where we are in the world every two years.”

If you missed it, FFDP recently announced a U.S. headlining tour (with openers Marilyn Manson and Slaughter To Prevail). That starts August 2 and runs thru September 19. Five Finger will open up for Metallica in Europe prior to this tour.

Earlier this month, FFDP’s “This Is The Way (Feat. DMX)” went to #1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock radio chart – making it their 11th straight #1 song! The single also went to #1 on Active Rock Radio (their 16th overall #1 at that format)!