August 21, 2019

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins recently sat down with Rock Sounds and talked about the Reading and Leeds Festival and the chances of a new album in 2020!

“From what I’ve heard from our fearless leader Dave Grohl, he has a lot of demos that he’s worked on. I think we’ll start once this tour is over, this little UK-ish run…I think not too soon after that, we’ll start the process of putting the songs together as a band. It’s a long process. We do a lot of demoing and stuff. But I think that we’ll have…I’m hoping…I think we’ll have a new record by next year. We should.”

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl recently spoke to The Independent and said, “Josh Homme is one of my best friends. We’re like brothers. We go out and have waffles together. We ride motorcycles. There is nobody I’d rather play drums with. He’s the guy.”

When asked about the current status of their band (with Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones) Them Crooked Vultures, Grohl said, “We practice once every decade, and we’re coming up on another decade aren’t we? I don’t have any official news but there’s always something cooking.”

Wouldn’t that be something? A new Foo Fighters AND a Them Crooked Vultures album in 2020? Who knows, might actually happen!


Written by Todd Hancock

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