“When SiriusXM approached me about doing a new slate of shows” Tom Morello Reveals The Details!

February 24, 2021

Sometimes the right things align and it is what it should be. Example 1) Tom Morello has once again teamed up with SiriusXM! You can expect all-new original content across three new streaming music channels, a new weekly show (starts March 2), AND a new podcast that launches March 3. I mean, if you’re gonna jump in the pool… CANNONBALL!!

Morello will be making content for SiriusXM’s Xtra Channels.

Morello said, “When SiriusXM approached me about doing a new slate of shows, I only had one condition: I say what I wanna say and I play what I wanna play. When the right combination of rhythm and rhyme washes over a huge throng or transmits through an ear bud it can provide a spark for action or a life raft for survival. Music MATTERS. And I’m very much looking forward to inflicting on listeners the music that matters to me.”

You can find Tom Morello’s Battle Hymns Radio on ch. 1124. Expect music & activism to collide; 60s freedom songs, some rock and with a dash of hip hop.

Morello’s Heavy Metal Happy Hour Radio is on ch. 1122. If I have to tell you what he’ll play on a Metal show…

Tom Morello’s Riffs, Rhymes, & Rebellion Radio is on ch. 1123. This is the one I can’t wait to check out! Tom dives into his personal record collection on this one. A must-hear!

This is Morello’s second weekly show on SiriusXM. “Tom Morello’s One Man Revolution” on XM’s Lithium channel was excellent. And, back in 2019 he did Renegade Radio.


For all info on Tom Morello’s Xtra channels, click here.

Which other musician would you like see have their own weekly SiriusXM show?


Written by Todd Hancock

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