Watch Trailer for ‘It: Chapter 2’

May 10, 2019

When you think about the money It made at the box office (one of the biggest openings for a horror movie), a “Chapter Two” shouldn’t come as a surprise. Watch the trailer below.

Looks like It: Chapter 2 will be in theatres September 6, 2019.

The description reads, “Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club—young and adult—in a return to where it all began with ‘It Chapter Two’.

Muschietti confirmed on Instagram on November 1 ’18 that they’d wrapped filming. His next post said, “IT chapter 2 was an 86-day roller coaster ride. Never had so much fun making movies as this one,” he wrote. “I had a relentless and inspired crew who believed in this adventure as much as I did, and a cast that put their heart and soul behind every second of performance. A huge thank you to all of them and also to my producer and sister @barbaramus who dealt with all the shit that a production like this has reserved for producers. And last but not least, the fans who day-by-day boosted our spirits by reminding us how much this story means to them. Thank you and Love to you all.”

Pennywise is here to stay. Are you a fan of the idea?


Written by Todd Hancock