Watch Trailer For Expanded Re-Release Of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Five Glorious Nights’ Book

October 16, 2022

Here’s something for the ultimate Led Zeppelin fan! Rufus Publications has released the trailer for the upcoming re-release of the “Led Zeppelin Five Glorious Nights” book by Dave Lewis.

This new edition is available in two editions (and both will cost you): a new 250mm square hardback format in a luxury, printed slipcase for £69. The other? An epic 375mm square, leather-and-metal edition, bound in recycled Burgundy leather and supplied in a hand-made aluminum slipcase with a reproduction show poster. Only 150 are available at £495!

Back in May 1975, Zeppelin played five concerts at the Earls Court Arena in London to a combined audience of 85,000 fans; each night concert goers were privy to a marathon three-and-a-half-hour concert.

This new edition features 32 extra pages and new photographs from Jill Furmanovsky, Adrian Boot and Graham Wiltshire.

Lewis is the author and editor of the long running Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose. He went to all five of the Earls Court shows!

What’s your favourite rock coffee-table book?


Written by Todd Hancock