Watch: Trailer for Bill Cosby docu-series ‘We Need To Talk About Cosby’

December 22, 2021

Showtime will soon stream a Bill Cosby docu-series called We Need To Talk About Cosby – and they’ve released the first official teaser trailer. 

The four-part series is directed by W. Kamau Bell and, as you might expect, was one of the most high-profile non-fiction titles announced for the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

The series explores Cosby’s life and work and his undeniable influence through interviews with comedians, cultural commentators, journalists and women who share their personal distressing encounters with Cosby, the monster.

As you’ll remember, Cosby was accused of sexual assault by more than 60 women and was jailed in 2018 for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Costand in 2004. Shockingly, his conviction was overturned in June 2021.

A synopsis reads, “Can you separate the art from the artist? Should you even try? While there are many people about whom we could ask those questions, none pose a tougher challenge than Bill Cosby.”

We Need To Talk About Cosby will premiere on January 30, a week after its January 22 debut at Sundance.

What a story. Bill Cosby is scum. And now the world knows it.


Written by Todd Hancock

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