WATCH : “Stranger Things 2” Trailer

February 6, 2017

Among the many awesome commercials we got for Super Bowl 51, Netflix launched the trailer for Season 2 of “Stranger Things.” Check it out below!

Season Two is expected to drop at or around Halloween 2017, but not much else is known yet. But from the trailer we can make a few educated guesses. We can see quick shots of series regulars Eleven, Will, Sheriff Jim Hopper, and more, so they’ll all be back. The Demogorgon doesn’t make an appearance but rather, a much larger spider-like creature gets a tease near the end of the trailer.
And finally the text in the trailer states that “The world is turning Upside-Down” – possibly a reference to two worlds colliding?

Again, fans can expect Stranger Things 2 to come out Halloween 2017. In the meantime, Season One is available for streaming on Netflix.

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