Watch: ‘Saved By the Bell’ Teaser Trailer!

August 10, 2020

This will go one of two ways. You’ll embrace that you sometimes watched Saved By The Bell, or you can lie and deny. Regardless, it’s happening. They haven’t announced a premiere date yet, but we do know that Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley reprised their Saved By the Bell roles. Game on. Time travel to the late 80s anyone?

Berkley plays Jessie Spano, mother of football team captain Jamie (Belmont Cameli); Lopez is A.C. Slater, the school’s gym teacher.

Executive producer Tracey Wigfield had this to say, “It’s not even a reboot; it’s a reimagining. While the original show was a Saturday morning show for kids, this is a single-camera, kind of edgier comedy … if you never saw the (original), it’s just a funny show about high school in 2020.”

NBC’s subscription streaming service Peacock will stream the show. Eventually. COVID-19 has halted filming and production. It’s coming but in a minute.

Which other TV show from your childhood should they reboot? If any?


Written by Todd Hancock

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