Watch Judd Apatow Teach Comedy

March 1, 2018

MasterClass is at it again! This time, they’ve somehow talked Judd Apatow into teaching one of their online courses.

Learn from one of the best, Apatow says, comedy is “speaking your truth and revealing your darkest, deepest stuff that for most people they would keep hidden.” Your instructor will teach using skills acquired from his three decades career; as a writer, producer and director.

Apatow released a statement about the online course, “I have been mentored by many great comedians in my life,” he said. “If someone out there watches this class and it’s helpful in their development as a comic mind, and they can create something that makes the world a happier place, then I did something that I can be proud of.”

You can pre-enroll for Apatow’s class now. However, there isn’t a start date.

Meanwhile, Apatow recently made a documentary about late comic Garry Shandling called “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling” which will debut on HBO March 26, ’18.


Written by: Todd Hancock