Watch Josh Homme join The Raconteurs to play ‘Blue Veins’!

July 29, 2019

Wait a second! How’d this person get footage of QOTSA singer Josh Homme jamming with The Raconteurs at this phone-free event? Apparently the near ten minute collaboration you see below took place midway through the encore. 

How cool would’ve it been to be in LA at the Greek Theatre last Friday (July 26) for this show?! And somehow someone was able to sneak a phone into the show (all attendees had their devices locked away in inaccessible Yondr pouches upon entry).

Seems there’s a bromance goin’ on between Jack White and Josh Homme. Remember, about a week back Jack was a guest of Josh’s “Alligator Hour” Beats 1 Radio Show. Perhaps it was then that the two put the appearance in motion?

The Raconteurs are touring North America supporting the new album (their first in 11 years!) “Help Us Stranger”. The title track is pretty cool.


Who’s cooler, Jack or Josh? Nothing against Jack but I lean Josh on this one. That dude couldn’t be a bigger rockstar if he tried.


Written by Todd Hancock

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