WATCH : Game Of Thrones New Trailer

May 27, 2017

Winter is here….here, being Westeros. And now, with only two seasons left, Game Of Thrones has dropped ANOTHER trailer to set the stage for the pending war.
Check out the Season 7 Official Trailer, below.

Only seven episodes were penned for this season, with the final outing only getting six full episodes. The end is certainly near.

The trailer begins with the Lannisters doing some classic scheming (maybe it’s more of a Cersei trait) before cutting to the Lannister that REALLY counts, Tyrion.
Dany finally arrives on Westeros, kissing the sand to commemorate the long journey being over. The King Of The North, Jon Snow, gets some air time as well, before the final jump cuts of epic battles in the North, Wildling horseback riding, Unsullied soldiers, and a premonition for the Great War.

The trailer’s racked up north of 22 million views on Youtube, and according to HBO it has a global view count of 64 million views (stretching across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and “others”) IN A SINGLE DAY.
This breaks the record previous held by…. Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer.
(And for anyone wondering, this record is strictly for trailers and teasers – HBO’s “most watched online content,” perhaps not surprisingly, is the Last Week Tonight With Jon Oliver piece that explains the lineage of one “Donald Drumpf.” It’s nearly eclipsed a hundred million views.)

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres 7.16 (July 16th) of this year on HBO.

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