Watch: Foo Fighters Perform ‘Waiting On A War’ And ‘No Son Of Mine’!

January 16, 2021

Jimmy Kimmel Live had Foo Fighters on his show on Thursday night (Jan 14) and had them play a couple songs from their forthcoming new album, “Waiting On A War” and “No Son Of Mine”!

Foo’s new nine song, 37 minute album “Medicine At Midnight” is being released on February 5.

Grohl talked about the song “Waiting On A War”, “Last fall, as I was driving my daughter to school, she turned to me and asked, ‘Daddy, is there going to be a war?’ My heart sank as I realized that she was now living under the same dark cloud that I had felt 40 years ago. I wrote ‘Waiting On A War’ that day. Every day waiting for the sky to fall. Is there more to this than that? Is there more to this than just waiting on a war? Because I need more. We all do. This song was written for my daughter, Harper, who deserves a future, just as every child does.”

“Medicine At Midnight” track listing:

01. Making A Fire
02. Shame Shame
03. Cloudspotter
04. Waiting On A War
05. Medicine At Midnight 
06. No Son Of Mine 
07. Holding Poison 
08. Chasing Birds 
09. Love Dies Young

And if you missed Grohl’s visit to SiriusXM’s Alt Nation, he told them about the new album, “It’s our 10th album, and it’s our 25th anniversary. We’re. like, okay, let’s look back at all the stuff that we’ve done before. We’ve made that loud sort of noisy punk rock fast stuff. We’ve made the sleepy acoustic kind of gentle acoustic record stuff. We’ve done the three- or four-minute-long bubblegum rock and roll, pop, single thing before. And it was, like, well, what haven’t we done? And we had never really made a groove-oriented sort of party record.”

After the year we had with 2020, a Foo groove party record sound about right, eh?


Written by Todd Hancock

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