Watch Donald Glover in New “Solo” ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

April 10, 2018

Can this movie just hurry up and be released already?! Have you seen this yet? The new trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” showcases Donald Glover’s character Lando Calrissian, “the best smuggler around.”

“Solo” is the 2nd anthology spin-off (after 2016’s “Rogue One”) and will be in theatres on May 25th.

There have been some speed bumps during the production of the movie (hint: directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller left). Ron Howard stepped up to finish the movie.

Like Rolling Stone magazine readers, (they voted it one of the 50 most anticipated films of 2018) I cannot wait for this movie to be released. Soon. Very soon Star Wars fans!



Written by Todd Hancock