Watch Coldplay’s New Album Press Conference!

November 2, 2019

Gotta hand it to Coldplay, this video “press conference” is a great way to announce their new double album “Everyday Life”! Hilarious!

As you see in the video, the band is playing a couple shows in Amman, Jordan on the the same day as the double album release – November 22 ’19! The album will be split into two halves – “Sunrise” and “Sunset”.

Coldplay singer Chris Martin recently said their new album was inspired by “Game Of Thrones”, “It’s very Game of Thrones, and also I think the music we’re making right now is very earthy and there’s not much glamour to it. It’s very raw and that just felt like the nicest way of telling people.”

Look forward to hearing what Coldplay has up their sleeve – they’re one of those bands who delivery album after album. And being inspired by GOT? Sign. Me. Up.


Written by Todd Hancock

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