Video: “I had an abusive life.” An Electrifying Trailer for Tina Turner Documentary!

March 11, 2021

First off, you gotta believe that Tina Turner will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame this year (how is she not already??). Secondly, this trailer for TINA is a rollercoaster. Damn. The success. The abuse. How could you not wanna see this doc?

Turner says, “I had an abusive life. There’s no other way to tell the story. Buddhism was a way out.”

Looks like they’re going back to the early days of her career; the Ike and Tina days, and of course into her mega-stardom in the 1980s.

Turner goes on to say, “I started really seeing that I had to make a change. Divorce, I got nothing. No money, no house. So I said, I’ll just take my name.”

“Look what I have done in this lifetime with this body of a girl from a cotton field that proved myself above what was not taught to me.”

According to the official synopsis, the documentary is a “revealing and intimate look at the life and career of Tina Turner.”

You should expect interviews with Tina (duh), unseen live footage, audio tapes, personal photos and more. Angela Bassett and Oprah Winfrey make appearances.

Soon. Tina is out on HBO on March 27 ’21.

What’s your favourite band/artist documentary?


Written by Todd Hancock

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