WATCH: Adult Film Star Romi Rain In A 45 Minute Video Podcast!

November 22, 2020

If you haven’t watched this 45 minute video podcast with Romi Rain, dive in! We talked to her earlier in the year (June 2020) and it’s gone on to become our most watched video on YouTube. You’re probably not surprised.

We talked about being shadow banned on social media, aliens & UFOs, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, binge watching The Mindhunter and Tiger King and the importance of family. Dave Chapelle, Bill Gates & Madonna came up. So did Marine Biology, the US Army, Cheech And Chong and marijuana. We talked Guns N Roses, NIN, Deftones, Halle Berry, travel and lots more. You can talk about a lot of shit in 45 minutes.

Enjoy. Copy the link. Share with a friend.