Watch A Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Clip!

September 19, 2019

Maybe there should be a spoiler warning for this teaser clip of the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. It sort of reveals how the plot resolves. Kind of. If that doesn’t scare you away (it’s not that big a spoiler) – check out the first clip Kevin Smith recently released!

You have to love that director and star Kevin Smith both mocks and pays tribute to Batman and Superman. As a comic book nerd, it’s awesome that Smith has been a constant in that world for decades and presumably will be there for decades to come. He does excellent work.

And, how cool is it that he managed to get Val Kilmer to make a cameo? Not to mention Chong. Classic.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will be in theatres October 17th. Bong not included.

Jay and Silent Bob. Name a more iconic duo.

Written by Todd Hancock