Video: Life After Much Music. 51 Minutes W/ Former VJ Erica Ehm!

February 8, 2021

One of the reasons I travelled down the broadcast road… do you remember how amazing MUCH Music was back-in-the-day? Like, a daily ritual. The Nation’s Music Station.

The internet wasn’t. Cell phones were the size of a brick. It was a different time. And former VJ Erica Ehm played a big role in what was going down in ‘the environment’.

So to talk to Erica for almost an hour was pretty cool. It’s something I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to do, tbh.

We got Erica talking about binge watching #TheAmericans & #Outlander, growing up to #TheBeatles, her sister’s book #Swagger, interviewing #KurtCobain, going to summer camp, #politics, dealing with #COVID, #family & more!

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We all watched MUCH growing up and I bet you they’d love to see (some of) this.