VOLBEAT Next Studio Album

May 23, 2017

Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen recently did an interview with 99.7 The Blitz and confirmed that the band is in the writing process for the follow-up to last year’s “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie” album.


“I’m always inspired, and we already have certain new songs written.” Poulsen said. “But new things are happening. I just became a father a week ago [to] my first child, so now it’s a life change. Who knows how the new songs are gonna sound like? But it feels good when you’re done in the studio, and you don’t wanna see the studio for a long time and you don’t wanna sit home and write. But you also come to a point where you wanna get back to the songwriting and get back to the studio and back on the road and play new songs, because it can also get boring playing the same old songs all over again. So it’s always great to find that inspiration for writing new songs and recording.”

Poulsen said they have five songs written, three of which “are very heavy [and] more uptempo” while two are “more melodic rock songs.”

Volbeat is currently opening for Metallica’s stadium tour – as well as playing a select few headlining gigs.


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