Video: “You just have to get up and do it” 23 Minutes with Fitness Influencer Jessica Kiernan!

March 13, 2021

This is Jessica Kiernan’s third visit to the Toddcast. Every couple years we grab her for a visit and you’ll love her vibe! She’s super inspiring, one of the most engaging people I follow on social media – always giving out lots of advice, lots of pictures and videos.

If you’re trying to stay fit, maybe need some help, some advice… maybe some motivation, check out Jess’ Body Boost: 30 Day Fitness Challenge – at her website.

As always, we cover lots of topics with Jessica; work out advice, her celebrity crush Henry Cavill (is he gay?) and famous relationships, long term goals, Vegas and gambling, the struggles of social media, going viral, the Super Bowl, shitty jobs, why you should drink more water and lots more!

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