Video: “It was an experience of a lifetime man, to say the least…” 24 Minutes with The Damn Truth!

May 12, 2021

This was supposed to be an interview with The Damn Truth’s singer but ended up being 3/4’s of the Montreal-based band! Always welcomed.

They just released their third album, “Now or Nowhere”  and it’s an absolute banger! 

They recorded 6 of the songs with legendary producer Bob Rock (at the Warehouse in Vancouver). It’s no wonder these songs rule.

Check out the above YouTube video – we talked about binging #BetterCallSaul & #TheExpanse, recording with #BobRock, the #BBC, #ZZTop, #Germany, #VanHalen #Radiohead & #TheRollingStones concerts, #HeavyMetal, #TheBeatles & #LedZeppelin, #COVID19 and more!

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Written by Todd Hancock


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