Van Halen: ‘A Visual Biography’ Arrives This November!

August 27, 2020

This will be a must-read! “Van Halen: A Visual Biography” is being released November 20. 

This book will look at the single sleeves, tour passes, posters, promo items and the dynamics of all the members over the years; David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony, Alex Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Gary Cherone and Wolfgang Van Halen.

The synopsis of Van Halen: A Visual Biography reads: “As one celebrates this legendary band in karate-kicking action, from the mid-70s all the way up until the last tour in 2015 and many solo points and projects in-between, provided for your reading pleasure is one of Martin Popoff’s celebrated detailed timelines, stuffed with trivia that swiftly moves us through 40 years of massive rock history from one of the storied greats of the genre.

“The end result is a beach-balling and sun-tanned symphony of words and pictures.”

Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen on 3/4/78 in Chicago, Il. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Van Halen has released some of the best rock songs of all-time; “Runnin’ With The Devil”, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, “Jamie’s Cryin'”, “Unchained”, “Jump”, “Panama”, “Hot For Teacher”, “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Finish What Ya Started”, “Right Now” and so many more! A legendary band with two legendary frontmen. 

If you pre-order by September 23, your name will be printed on a dedicated fan page.

What’s your favourite rock biography/autobiography? Speaking of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar’s “RED” is a great read!


Written by Todd Hancock

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