Tostitos unveils alcohol-sensitive chip bag

January 30, 2017

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, snack makers Tostitos wants to do their part in making sure everyone parties responsibly and gets home a-ok. This year that means debuting a bag of chips that can literally tell you whether or not you’re too drunk to drive.

Officially it’s called the “party safe” bag. It does have an alcohol sensor on it but it’s a stretch to call this a breathalyzer. The bag has one hard setting for alcohol detection, it won’t tell you your blood-alcohol level but it does react to the presence of alcohol, changing the bags colour to red and displaying a “Don’t Drink And Drive” message.

What’s really cool about the “Party Safe” bag is that it comes with a $10 Uber code should you set off the alcohol detector, on top of smart technology that lets you redeem it by just tapping your smart phone on the bag (if you have the necessary apps that is.)  A Frito-Lay spokeswoman says the goal is to remove 25,000 potentially impaired drivers from the roads the night of the Super Bowl.

Although Tostitos is probably onto something here, it bears repeating that this is not a breathalyzer. If, during Super Bowl Sunday you think to yourself, “I’m not positive if I’m fit to drive, pass me that bag of chips so I can check,” it’s likely you just answered your question.