Tool to release a New Album this Summer?

February 9, 2019

Do you remember when Tool drummer Danny Carey said they were releasing their new album in April. Ya, according to singer Maynard James Keenan, that’s not happening anymore.

Although there isn’t a concrete release date, singer Maynard took to Twitter to update fans, “Update- Midway through mixing. Most likely be a few recalls. Then some arguing. Then Mastering, Artwork, Video, Special Packaging, etc. Best Ballpark Guess- Release date somewhere between Mid May and Mid July. More focused updates to follow as we progress. @tool #simplemath”

It’s been a long, long time (14 years if you’re counting at home) since we’ve had a new Tool album. The last was 2005’s “10,000 Days”. What’s another few more months, right?

Imagine if “10,000 Days” was the length of time to the next new album. We’re almost halfway there!


Written by Todd Hancock