Tom DeLonge Executive Producer in new UFO Series

March 13, 2019

Since Tom DeLonge left Blink 182 over three and 1/2 years ago, he’s continued to study alien life extensively (got an award from UFO website/Youtube channel Open Minds TV. Now, DeLonge is the executive producer for a new show on TV channel HISTORY called Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.

The series aims to “expose new evidence on UFOs” and explores the idea that the New York Times put forth in 2017 that says the Pentagon was running a mysterious investigation into potential extraterrestrial attacks under the name ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’ (AATIP).

In the series, DeLonge interviews former military intelligence official and Special Agent In- Charge of AATIP, Luis Elizondo.

DeLonge said, “With this show, the real conversation can finally begin. I’m thankful to HISTORY for giving the To The Stars Academy team of world-class scientists, engineers and intelligence experts the opportunity to tell the story in a comprehensive and compelling way. I think everyone that watches the show will walk away with questions answered and a feeling of, “wow, I get it now.””


Do you believe in UFOs and alien-life-form?


Written by Todd Hancock