Time’s Magazine’s Top 100 Most influential list

April 22, 2016

Kendrick Lamar, Adele, Nicki Minaj and Idris Elba have placed in the Top 100 list of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

time-covers-inline-561805a7-c7cd-4cc1-bce4-970cbf98bc63Nicki Minaj’s entry was introduced by her former mentor Lil Wayne, who first signed the rapper to his Young Money imprint.

“She’s reached far beyond everything I would have imagined. Man, she’s so influential and doing all the right things,” he wrote. She’s an icon, a boss and a role model to all these young girls out here on how to do it the right way.”


Adele, who appears in the “Icons” category of the list, was praised by Jennifer Lawrence, who wrote: “Adele is a gift, an international treasure, but she’s also sweet, funny, intelligent and beautiful. Bitch.”

For Idris Elba’s entry, The Wire creator David Simon recalled having to tell the actor, who played the role of Stringer Bell, of his death scene in the series.

“I knew Elba, as true a leading man as I’d ever encountered, was not going to starve,” says Simon, adding that he told Elba: “Brother, you’re never going to lack for work again. You’re going straight to features. Don’t you realize that?”

Ariana Grande tAlso included in this year’s list are singer Ariana Grande, Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac and novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates.


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