Thrice To Release ‘Horizons/East’ In September!

July 29, 2021

How did this happen?! Thrice is close to releasing album #11! “Horizons/East” will see the light of day on September 17!

They’ve released their new single, “Scavengers” – a song that singer Dustin Kensrue says is about “toxic world views I once inhabited” and “a lot of people that I love are still in that place.”

Physical copies of “Horizons/East” won’t be available ’til October 8.

“Horizons/East” track listing:

01. The Color Of The Sky
02. Scavengers
03. Buried In The Sun
04. Northern Lights
05. Summer Set Fire To The Rain 
06. Still Life 
07. The Dreamer 
08. Robot Soft Exorcism 
09. Dandelion Wine 
10. Unitive/East

If you’re not super familiar with this band – I know that the ‘rock stations’ in Vancouver don’t play them – dive in! Great band, ten albums released, with their new one out soon!


Written by Todd Hancock

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