Three Days Grace Writing Songs Fort Next Studio Album!

November 17, 2020

Three Days Grace singer Matt Walst and bassist Brad Walst were recently guests of Rockford, Illinois radio station 104.9 and revealed that they’re working on new music to follow-up their 2018 album “Outsider”!

They told on-air host Kev, “We’ve been just writing and sending ideas around. We polished off a few. We’re going song by song. So we’re trying to get one song polished off and finished and then moving on to the next song. Before, we’d just have a bunch of ideas and try to jump around to each, but this time around, just ’cause of COVID and the times, we’re trying to just polish off a song, move on, next song, and I think it’s really working for us.”

As you know, Three Days Grace has the most #1 songs on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart, with “Right Left Wrong” their 15th chart topper!

No question, they’re a juggernaut of a band. Their first album remains one of the best rock debuts of all-time.

Are you more of a fan of original singer Adam Gontier or current singer Matt Walst fronting the band? Really, you can’t go wrong.


Written by Todd Hancock

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