Thin Lizzy: ‘Every Album, Every Song’ Book To Be Released In November!

October 3, 2020

This will be a great read! “Thin Lizzy: Every Album, Every Song” is written by Graeme Stroud and will look at all of Thin Lizzy’s songs. 

Thin Lizzy broke into the music scene in the late 60s, a four-piece from Dublin, Ireland.  It didn’t take them long to become a worldwide powerhouse.

And this new book will look at that. All of their songs! Rad.

“Thin Lizzy: Every Album, Every Song” is being released November 27th.

What’s your favourite rock book? I recently finished former Black Crowes’ drummer Steve Gorman’s book “Hard To Handle: Life & Death of the Black Crowes” and it’s a must-read. Love Sammy Hagar’s “Red” too.


Written by Todd Hancock

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