They’re Making A Saudi Arabian Version Of ‘The Office’

June 1, 2022

They’re working on a Saudi Arabian version of The Office and the goal is to have it air on streamer Shahid VIP later this year.

BBC Studios worked out a deal with local producer and broadcaster MBC to create the show Al Maktab and Egyptian filmmaker Hisham Fathi will direct the series.

The hilarious boss (Ricky Gervais in the UK version and Steve Carell in the US remake) will be played by actor Saleh Abuamrh in Al Maktab, and his name is Malik Al-Tuwaif.

Did you know this? The Office has been remade in 10 different times, including in France, Germany, Canada and India. Al Maktab is the first time using the Arabic language.

André Renaud, BBC Studios’ SVP Format Sales released this statement, “Although office working may look slightly different for many of us in 2022, the familiarity of these well-observed characters as they navigate petty rivalries, moments of friendship and humour, and a boss that sometimes makes a fool of themselves still rings just as true.”

Do you think this version will be as successful as the original and the US version? And who knew there were already 10 remakes??


Written by Todd Hancock