There’s a Gn’R Kids Book Due In September

May 9, 2020

True Guns N’ Roses fanatics will be flocking to book stores in September! There’s a Gn’R children’s hardcover book / e-book coming soon!


The book is called (not surprisingly) “Sweet Child O’Mine” and was created by the band in collaboration with James Patterson. The picture book takes Gn’R lyrics (curious which songs will be used; some racy lyrics) and makes a story for lil’ kids.

Patterson said in a release: “As a longtime fan of Guns N’ Roses, I’m thrilled to partner with the band in bringing their famed hit song to life on the page. ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ is a story that I know kids will love reading and that parents will love singing along to.”

Wonder if “It’s So Easy” made the book?

Ya get nothin’ for nothin’
If that’s what ya do
Turn around bitch I got a use for you
Besides you ain’t got nothin’ better to do
And I’m bored

Yeah. Probably not.


Written by Todd Hancock