The Who’s Roger Daltrey on AC/DC With Axl Rose

April 24, 2016

The Who singer Roger Daltrey recently sat down with The London Free Press and didn’t exactly have a glowing recommendation for the upcoming AC/DC & Axl Rose concerts.

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Daltrey labelled the remaining “Rock or Bust” World Tour concerts with the Guns N’ Roses singer as “karaoke.”

Daltrey initially called out AC/DC for their “curt” treatment of Johnson after that singer revealed he could no longer tour due to potential hearing loss. “I mean I really feel badly for Brian,” Daltrey said. “It must be heartbreaking for him after all the service he’s given that band over the years. I thought their farewell statement to the press and to Brian was fairly curt to say the least. I felt for him. That must have hurt.”

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“I’ve spoken to Brian. He’s got loads of other things he wants to do in his life,” Daltrey added. “I think AC/DC will miss Brian much more than Brian will miss AC/DC. There you go. What do you expect from Australians? And he’s such a lovely guy, Brian. I’ve known him for 40-odd years, more.”

And don’t expect Daltrey to check out any of the 20 rescheduled AC/DC “Rock or Bust” concerts. “I mean, go and see karaoke with Axl Rose? Give me a break,” the Who singer said.


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