The Used Release ‘People Are Vomit’ Single, Announce ‘Toxic Positivity’

February 21, 2023

The Used just dropped a new song, “People Are Vomit”! This track, and the previously released, “Fuck You”, are both from the band’s upcoming tenth studio album, “Toxic Positivity”. You’ll be able to get your hands on that on May 19. 

The press release for ‘People Are Vomit’ says the song is “a straightforward, in-your-face explosion of Bert McCracken’s iconic angst-ridden vexation and snarling pop energy that doesn’t let up. It is everything fans have come to expect from The Used over the last 20+ years at the forefront of the scene, solidifying their enduring legacy.”

McCracken said, “We think this song is fun and cute. We hope you love it too.”

You may remember that The Used released a deluxe version of their ninth studio album, “Heartwork”, in 2021. That version has 11 never-before-heard tracks written during the original “Heartwork” (2020) sessions.

The Used is Bert McCracken (vocals), Jepha (bass), Dan Whitesides (drums) and Joey Bradford (guitar).


Written by Todd Hancock