The National Are In “gardening phase” Of Writing New Music

July 7, 2024

You’ve got to imagine a band like The National are always ready to create. They were recently interviewed by NME and said they are in a “very creative space” and in the “gardening phase” of writing new material!

If you follow the band, you know they put out two albums last year, “The First Two Pages Of Frankenstein” and “Laugh Track”. And appear to have no off switch.

At Glastonbury, bassist Scott Devendorf told NME, “There’s a lot of music, so that means a lot of new music for us to play. We’ve really tried to mix up the setlist a lot and try to be more dynamic in that way just because it’s interesting for everyone.”

Matt Berninger added, “Once we started writing again, I wrote almost everything that was in the folders and made a song out of everything. Now the folders are filling up. I’ve been writing a lot, but I think we’re just gonna take it nice and slow. The garden is full of seeds. But we don’t know when it’s gonna start to bloom or anything like that. We’re in a very creative space – we’re in a gardening phase. Gardening at night!”

In another part of the interview, Berninger talked about why he doesn’t want to know what’s on the band’s setlist for the night, “In not knowing, every time it’s like a new flavoured gum ball and I get to take that little red pill and go to that song in a new way every time. If I knew what all the songs are gonna be, I think I wouldn’t be able to let go as much and just enjoy it. That’s why I’m enjoying it so much, because I have no idea what’s happening.”

Look like The National’s well hasn’t run dry. Not even close.


Written by Todd Hancock