Tesla’s Frank Hannon Is Writing A Book!

October 23, 2021

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon was recently a guest of ‘Rockin’ Metal Revival’ and reveal that’s he’s working on writing a book, “Yes, I do have a concept for a book that I’ve been working on in my mind. And the tentative title of it is ‘Modern Day Cowboy’. Because I do a lot of horse activities and I work with a lot of people in a different culture — the true authentic cowboy culture down in Texas.”

Hannon added, “Whether you’re a musician or you’re a cowboy or whatever you are in life, there’s a mentality that goes with staying strong and fighting through adversity, and that’s really the true meaning of a cowboy. So I kind of have that concept in my mind about the book I wanna write.”

If you haven’t heard, Hannon’s bandmate, bassist Brian Wheat, recently released a book called “Son Of A Milkman: My Crazy Life With Tesla”.

Meanwhile, the band had to postpone a bunch of shows because Hannon and some of their road crew caught COVID-19. They played a couple shows in August and are back on the road, happy and healthy. Drummer Troy Luccketta is on a hiatus, spending time with family.

As a longtime fan of Tesla, can’t wait to read this book! What’s your favourite rock read?


Written by Todd Hancock

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